We gathered for two days in the beautiful rooms of Painters Hall in London to work with Sarah Peyton, author of “Your Resonant Self”, during a workshop themed “Sex, Desire, Sensuality and Passion in Constellations”. Sarah’s work uniquely integrates interpersonal neurobiology with constellations, and addresses the healing of trauma and its impact on affect regulation.

Sarah started the workshop on the premise that sexuality is everybody’s birth-right and the drive that moves us out of childhood, towards adulthood and into our Authentic Self. During the first day, she introduced us to the 8 circuits model of emotion and motivation. In big group constellations we experientially explored an individual and the places, patterns and movements of their circuitry, helping us get a better sense of the significance, role and impact of our individual neurobiology. Through big and small group constellations we looked at the relationship between our own neurocircuits and our sexuality, helping us probe into the deeper layers of our sexual lives.

During the second day Sarah focused more explicitly on trauma work, trauma through sexual abuse or heartache, and how it can form the basis of entanglements. She offered us constellating ways for working with a traumatic moment that is frozen in time, or with an unconscious contract formed through trauma to take care of someone. Both of these can bind us to roles and positions in life that limit our sense of presence and vitality. Removing these obstacles can return us back into contact with our true desires and our own explicit sense of agency. To release our sexuality back into its own expression is to release the regenerative life force within us.

Sarah also works with the “Essential Self” that she places in the field through a representative, offering its resonance and guidance to the unfolding of the work. By doing so she engages the potency of one’s higher intelligence and purpose, widening one’s intuitive capacity for a more aligned and authentic life.

Sarah held the group generously with her attentive presence and her tender care and heart, while we moved through two days of deeply touching work, grappling with the infinite recesses of Self and the Universe. We have all come through enriched and better informed about our own sexual nature and how our early and ancestral environments have supported or diminished its true expression. The work was held safely by our sense of community and our coming together in curious enquiry. With love and gratitude for the power of this work, until the next time we come together to explore our own and each other’s truths and soulful depths.


Maria Papaspyrou

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