Foundation Course Closing Ritual

a celebration of our time together


The time has come

To bid farewell

To what I am calling

The beginning,

The beginning of my journey

In this wonderful new world

The world of fate

The world of orders

The world of hidden dynamics


Who would have thought such magic exists

The magic of tapping into the unknown

Resting in the unknown

Resting into not knowing

Resting and leaning into trust,

Trust in the field

Trust in the system

Trust in the conscience of the greater whole


Thank you, Chris

Thank you, Gaye

Thank you, Everyone


For this enlightening,


Sometimes challenging,

And fruitful journey!


I will take these gifts

And in return, use them in my life

To make the world a little better

And a little less entangled

…one constellation at a time…


Michelle Sinclair

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