I am the midnight shower

And the morning sun


I am the only one left

And the very first one


I am the twilight stars

And the early moon


I am always there

And I left too soon


I am the old man

Waiting on the porch


I am the little girl

In the night with the torch


I am the broken promise

And the life that’s wasted


I am the drunken dad

I am the blood that’s tasted


I am you and me

And life as its here


I am too far away

And forever near


I’m the pain that’s pushed down

I am ugly and fierce


I don’t have no mercy

For your faith for your tears


I am the Shepard walking

Never to stop


I am the endless hour

And the ticking clock


I am a summer grain in a wind of wheat

I am rolling I am rolling I do not sleep


How dare you to question

My faith and my power?


I am pulsating life

The fire, the tower


I have burned down to ashes

And sung in my grave


Now I’ve risen like starlight

Oh so bright and brave


Weep if you can

For my glory my shine


Weep because always

Your pain is mine


Jelena Richter

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