Voices from the Field

Voices from the Field brings together constellation practitioners from ever-widening backgrounds and specialisms.  CSC seeks to contribute to deepen the learning and application of this wonderful work by publishing their different voices and experiences in an ongoing series of articles.

Our featured authors have generously given their time to share how they apply constellation work in areas ranging from personal therapy, bodywork, and health through to corporate settings, the judiciary and governance, as well as in theatre, film and the arts.



They address questions such as How can a facilitator be of service to the creative journey?  What does it mean to really bring radical inclusion into the crafting of a novel’s structure or indeed a legal system?  What happens when a Shiatsu practitioner uses constellation work as part of the body’s healing journey?  Can you constellate a film and what happens when you do?  How might radical inclusion improve the devising process of a piece of theatre?  How does a focus on the orders of Exchange and Belonging impact working with couples?  What happens when we look at physical symptoms through a systemic lens? 

By inviting contributions from constellators working in a huge array of professional contexts, we hope that Voices from the Field will  create a body of insights, learning and innovation, helpful for all of us working in the unified systemic field.


The insights gained from practitioners in this series of articles address the fundamental questions and movements needed to support a healthier, more fulfilled life. How can we use constellations as an integral part of other healing arts or indeed western medicine? The insights encourage us to take cue from our illnesses, aches and pains and explore the orders of love that are out of place.    Read more

The Arts

In this series of articles authors challenge conventional beliefs and practices around art and the artistic process. They show how constellations can  add huge insights into the creative process and help performers become more aware of the dynamics that influence the way they relate to each other and add depth and richness to the art they create. They question whether the quality of a creative piece of work or art is the personal responsibility and intellectual property of its creator or does creativity came from somewhere other than the artist or creator of the work?   Read more 

Our Roles and Relationships

Our life is in constant flux: we hold many different roles and relationships. We are daughters and sons, mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends and siblings, aunties and uncles, work colleagues and so much more. Each of these roles and life stages bring their own challenges. And it is in each and every relationship, be it a close or distant one, fulfilled and loving, tense, broken and/or unhappy that our lives unfold. Authors explore how the Orders of Love help our life to flourish and enable us to live life fully.  Read more

The World of Work

For some time, facilitators have been using a systemic lens to explore and effect change in the workplace, from large corporations, government structures and educational bodies through to small businesses and individuals addressing issues they face in work or seeking a change in career.  We hear from those using systemic constellations to help clients identify their purpose, affect positive change and movement with regards to personal and professional leadership in an exciting variety of working environments.     Read more

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