The World of Work

Work is such a big part of most people’s life. We not only want or need to earn a living, our entire educational journey is gearing us up to find a role and remit that speaks to who we are and that gives us a sense of purpose and meaning.
The authors in this series explore and address how constellations can help us address the issues and challenges we face in relation to work. They powerfully demonstrate key principles and themes we learn about as facilitators of constellations and  provide inspiration about new ways we can use them to help us navigate our  lives in and around work. 

Helping Clients Navigate Life and Careers with Integrity

Dr.Magdalena Bak-Maier

Magdalena beautifully integrates neuroscience, education and psychology with healing and therapeutic approaches into a unique practice to support people to be well and do well. Her work unfolds along three interwoven strands: teaching and writing, method development and practical work with clients. Read more

Constellations and the Fate of the Legal System

Zita Tulyahikayo and James Pereira QC

In this fascinating article Zita and James describe their journey of bringing systemic constellations into the legal system. They are showing how centuries old work practices and ethics threaten the health of the system itself and the public which it serves. They show how ‘The Bar of England and Wales’ is being called to evolve as its practices are incompatible with the wellbeing of its members  and its culture is failing to provide an environment where younger generations of lawyers can thrive. 

Their work engages the overlapping realms of the personal, family and professional systems of barristers, the wider legal system, and the structures and values of the society which it serves.  Read more

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