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No matter how well we look after our body through eating healthily, being active, outdoors etc our health can suffer as a result of profound pain in our heart and soul which tend to manifest itself as a symptom or an illness that requires attention.  This suffering or trauma can originate as far back as early childhood and/or in many cases it is deeply embedded in the  family system and has its roots in events that occurred before we were born. 

This series of articles looks at how practitioners from different backgrounds  combine treatments such as Alexander technique, Shiatsu with systemic constellations work to address the root causes of physical pain, life threatening or debilitating illness. The series begins with a wonderful article by Judith O’Hagan describing the transformative power of using systemic constellations alongside medical interventions. 

The Body and Constellations

Judith O’Hagan

How did an illness evolve? And why this illness and not that? If we have cancer, why did it develop in one place, rather than another? Does the body have any wisdom about these matters? And might this be a useful insight in restoring a good balance between body, mind and emotions, and soul. Read more 

Recognising the Soul-Body-Mind Connection in Healing Work 

Esther Mason 

Esther shares her experience and insights from combining Shiatsu with Systemic Constellation Work. Her article describes how these two approaches support healing and life energy to flow by making the connection between the body felt sensations and disturbances in the systemic field. Read more


Constellations and Alexander Technique: The family system in your body 

Lucy Ascham 

Western medicine sometimes fails to investigate, acknowledge or address the origins of chronic pain. If patients are treated with pain killers or surgery without exploring wider aspects of their experience, it may further disconnect them from their often already alienated body and emotions. In my view chronic pain can be a mix of harmful or unhealthy habits, suppressed emotions, a disconnection between body and mind as well as the person’s inability to feel emotions and unresolved trauma in a family system. Read more


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