In 2001 some of the leading teachers and practitioners of systemic constellation work in the UK came together to form a training organisation. Today this is known as the Centre for Systemic Constellations.

An Educational Centre

For multi level learning and on-going professional development.

A Community of Belonging

For those passionate about the philosophy and practice of systemic constellation work

A Place of Inspiration

Where ideas can be learnt, shared and applied.

Upcoming Systemic Events

Training at the Centre will deepen your knowledge and understanding of systemic constellation work, and will support your professional and personal development. Here are a selection of our upcoming events, which are open to all. We are delighted to include exciting guest events.

Systemic Constellations Supervision Training: online 2024d and Clare 

with Gaye Donaldson, Sheila McCarthy-Dodd, Tanja Meyburgh

Foundation Training in Systemic Constellations 2024 Scotland Constellations 2024 Scotland

with Sheila McCarthy-Dodd and Clare Crombie  Dodd and Clare

Exploring Sibling Dynamics– solutions for disconnectedness from the Systemic Ritual tool box

with Gaye Donaldson and Chris Williams

Broken Connections– solutions for disconnectedness from the Systemic Ritual tool box

with Daan van Kampenhout  with Daan van Kampenhout

Relationship Therapy: Working with Couples and Intimate Systems 2024/25

with Chris Williams and Sheila McCarthy-Dodd 

Trauma and the Field: online masterclass online masterclassonline masterclass

with Stefan Jovanović with James Pereirawith James Pereira

Applied Training in Systemic Constellations 2025 2025 (Year 2)online masterclass

with Sheila McCarthy-Dodd and Chris Williams with Sheilwith Sheil


As a student on the Foundation training course, I‘ve had a remarkable time so far and am feeling deeply moved and inspired by family constellations. The joint teaching (of Gaye Donaldson and Sheila Mac Carthy-Dodd) has been excellent. I’m fascinated by Hellinger too and resonate with the inner openness and flexibility of his approach. 

Rhodri Samuel (2023) 
Rhodri Samuel (2023)

“The most remarkable learning I have experienced in 63 years of life.”

Martin H ( 2022) 
Martin H ( 2022)

Absolutely brilliant quality of teaching and facilitation. I feel enriched both personally and professionally. From halfway through the course I felt more equipped and confident to incorporate systemic thinking into my clinical practice.

Sophia P (2017) 
Sophia P (2017)

I went through a profound change during the course. It enabled me to become rounder, weightier, clearer, calmer and just simply more authentic. The teaching opened new ways of seeing, becoming more kind to myself and others.

Esther M (2018) 
Esther M (2018)

One of the best courses I have ever experienced. The strongest experience for me was the way I felt with others – safe, accepted, seen, heard…

Klara (2017) 
Klara (2017)

The teaching as always for me is excellent. The exercises are always brilliant and new and innovative. During every exercise, something shifted for me.

Elizabeth H (2016) 
Elizabeth H (2016)

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