In 2001 some of the leading teachers and practitioners of systemic constellation work in the UK came together to form a training organisation. Today this is known as the Centre for Systemic Constellations.

An Educational Centre

For multi level learning and on-going professional development.

A Community of Belonging

For those passionate about the philosophy and practice of systemic constellation work

A Place of Inspiration

Where ideas can be learnt, shared and applied.

Upcoming Systemic Events

Training at the Centre will deepen your knowledge and understanding of systemic constellation work, and will support your professional and personal development. Here are a selection of our upcoming events, for more information see our Courses page. 

Addressing your fears  for the future 

with Bertold Ulsamer

The world around us experiences more and more crises, be it Coronavirus, war, economic decline or environmental destruction. We might not know how the changes will affect us but it is clear that they are impacting on our lives more and more.

Fear is the natural response and consequence. The mind starts brooding and looking for solutions. But our thoughts do not bring relief and our feelings paralyze and depress us.

This workshop is designed to help you get out of this vicious cycle. We cannot change reality on a large scale, if at all, but we can find our vitality, serenity and courage again. This is always possible for us.

The workshop consists of two two-hour online sessions. There will be experiential exercises and working in small groups as being part of a community is one of the great tools against fear! And there will be time to ask questions about what you experienced.


Trauma and the Field

 with Stefan Jovanović

In this experiential workshop, Stefan Jovanovic extends the phenomenological principles underlying constellation work into body-based approaches of working with the nervous system and its somatic awareness. The day will alternate between moments of teaching and practice. You will learn embodied methods that draw on somatic trauma exercises, trauma-safety protocols, ways of resourcing issue holders and representatives as well as recognising trauma-response physiologies. Other topics covered will include the establishing of boundaries within the role of representation and the understanding of trauma timelines within the narrative arc of a constellation.

The flow of life – Systemic Ritual workshop 

with Daan van Kampenhout

In this experimental workshop participants will have the opportunity to look at parts of their life where they feel blocked. Whilst someone may be functioning very well in some areas of their life, in other parts they are experiencing stagnation. We will turn our attention to all kinds of situations where the energy isn’t moving, for example: sexuality, relationships, health, finances, work life and others. We will look at these aspects of our lives from the perspectives that Systemic Ritual offers. We exist as individual human beings with a personal history, but we are also shaped by family, ancestors and the large collective fields we are part of such as gender, race, religion, culture and nationality. When exploring where we are stuck in our own life, we look at the various layers and fields we are a part of -drawing on various types of Systemic Ritual. Sometimes we will gently clear the personal ancestor field of trauma and unresolved energy, sometimes we will create paths into the large historical and collective fields that allow us to walk to places and times where the energies are free and flowing. Sometimes we will work just on the personal level and provide strength and support. In all the work we do, we will bring new resources to the places where they are needed, so we ourselves, the ancestors and the circles we are a part of will have an opportunity to find new wholeness.

Upcoming Core Training


The  Foundation and Applied Trainings offer an opportunity to develop, and then extend, a working understanding of a systemic constellation approach, which can be used to resolve personal, family and social issues. These courses are a valued resource for those wishing to engage in personal and professional development. They provide a truly fresh perspective on yourself, your life, your work and the family and community groups to which you belong

Further Training


Our further training courses provide a community of practice and are part of our Continuing Professional Development series. Please note, however, they do not constitute a training in Systemic Constellation Work. We warmly welcome participants from a wide variety of professional contexts to join our events and explore the application of the systemic constellation approach in their work.

Details of our other courses and events for 2023 will be announced soon.


The Centre Community – Constellations in Action

Although Systemic Constellation Work began in the psychotherapeutic community, over the past 20 years that has changed. Many professionals, from many professional fields, now incorporate the systemic lens and methodology in to their professional work. Here are way in which our past students use their training.

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“The most remarkable learning I have experienced in 63 years of life.”

Martin H ( 2022) 
Martin H ( 2022)

Absolutely brilliant quality of teaching and facilitation. I feel enriched both personally and professionally. From halfway through the course I felt more equipped and confident to incorporate systemic thinking into my clinical practice.

Sophia P (2017) 
Sophia P (2017)

I went through a profound change during the course. It enabled me to become rounder, weightier, clearer, calmer and just simply more authentic. The teaching opened new ways of seeing, becoming more kind to myself and others.

Esther M (2018) 
Esther M (2018)

One of the best courses I have ever experienced. The strongest experience for me was the way I felt with others – safe, accepted, seen, heard…

Klara (2017) 
Klara (2017)

The teaching as always for me is excellent. The exercises are always brilliant and new and innovative. During every exercise, something shifted for me.

Elizabeth H (2016) 
Elizabeth H (2016)

It was an amazing journey for me personally and professionally. It was great to see different styles and approaches of Systemic Constellation Facilitators and think what I can take into my own practice.

Nelly L (2016) 
Nelly L (2016)

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