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The Centre for Systemic Constellations (CSC) was established in 2000 to develop a community for learning and exploration using systemic principles and tools. Twenty-three years later we continue to be inspired by the profound depth, breadth and application of the work in increasingly varied contexts. Something magic happens when we combine our understanding of systemic orders, whilst following the emergent phenomenology, revealing what needs to be seen and included. 
Maintaining excellent training is at core of what we do, but our remit also includes the evolution and integrity of the work, and the support and development of our community of fully qualified practitioners. CSC is the only UK constellation school run as a ‘Not For Profit’ organisation.

Explore and contribute to the community offer


Our community pages are dedicated to provide space to our student and wider, growing community of practitioners and indeed to anyone interested to contribute to and find out more about systemic constellations work. We seek to provide you  with a portal to access a huge range of resources, constellation workshops and so much more, specifically:

  • A new series entitled Voices from the Field featuring articles from practitioners sharing their experiences and insights as to the impact and resonance of Constellation work within and beyond the therapeutic realms.
  • Faculty Workshops: Here you can book CSC faculty constellation workshops and find links to booking pages for associate constellation workshops.
  • From the Wider Community: Editorials and other contributions from across the community including our students.
  • Resources: Carefully selected books and relevant content from the ever-growing field of systemic constellation facilitators to provide you with easy to navigate information about the best content and learning in the wider field.
  • The Student Hub: Your personal access to the courses you booked including all information, materials and recordings.

Whether you already started your constellation journey or are new to it and keen to find out more about systemic constellation work, here are some suggestions:


Join a one-day Constellation workshop run by our Faculty. In these workshops you can bring whatever issue you want to work on or simply join as a representative to get a feel for what it is all about….


Join our three-day Body as Home workshop: a powerful exploration to develop a more wholesome, healing relationship with your body.



Join one of our Foundation training courses. These have been running annually for more than 20 years in London and more recently also in Bristol and Edinburgh.

The feedback we receive regularly says that they are  simply one of the best personal and professional development training workshops around 


Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and/or Facebook. We use these channels to share new resources, highlight new events including guest speakers and share information on discounts and early-bird deadlines


Our Partners

We work with a small number of partners who are committed to excellence in constellation work and support the development of the wider community: 

African constellations

African Constellations is committed to acknowledging and honouring the first people of the African continent, as well as sources of knowledge that inform Systems Constellation theory and practice.


Fieldwork draws on 40 years experience of embedding effective transformation aligning purpose, values, culture and strategy using a consultative systemic approach. 

The Whole Partnership

Learn more about The Whole Partnership, which provides coaching and training in systemic organisational work and leadership.

The Field of Awakening

The Centre collaborates with the Field of Awakening to train students in Systemic Constellation work in Egypt. 

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