Families: revealing the hidden dynamics of parenting’

Families: revealing the hidden dynamics of parenting is a book written from the heart. Jane James uses her experience of systemic approaches with parents and children as well as within her own family to support new ways of understanding the dynamics of being a child, being a parent – being in the generational line. Simple but powerful activities for parents – some to undertake on their own, some to do with children – are central in this beautifully illustrated book.

Jane writes about her own family children in an open and touching way. The book makes clear how she has come to an understanding of the four ways of knowing and the four ordering principles of human systems. These principles shape the structure of the text – and in each chapter there are simply laid out and illustrated activities for parents and families to try.

For people who already know about constellations – this book will carry familiar echoes of this family systems method that can bring new perspectives and insight to family issues and dynamics. But for all parents this book carries simple but powerful messages about love, about what we carry from our family heritage and how we can work creatively with all of it to support healthy, vibrant and loving children.

To order a copy of the book which costs £30 please email [email protected]

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