We are deeply saddened to share that our beloved teacher, Hunter Beaumont, has died. Hunter was an incredible, unique teacher and a most humble and caring human being whose contribution enabled the work to flourish. He was the channel through which Bert’s work flowed, persuading Bert to engage in conversations which enabled him to write Love’s Hidden Symmetry. He sat beside Bert for years, supporting his workshops and wider work, including doing live translations.

His contribution to systemic constellation work cannot be overstated. He held the integrity of the work as it reached and transformed the lives of more and more people globally.

Hunter and Lutz Bessel set up and led  the International Intensive for many years.  “The Intensive” as it was always known, was a key part of the holding for best practice of systemic constellation work – at a time when trainings were just in their infancy. In his extraordinary ‘morning talks’ every day after breakfast he gently, yet very firmly encouraged us all to understand that constellations in themselves are not enough. He said:

“We know their transformational space that creates the openness that includes all, and yet we need to be able to reach this state of openness in our daily life – in our small, regular moments of closedness”. He asked this of himself, and he asks it of us and leaves us with it now.

It’s hard to find words to do justice to anyone’s life, and yet the following quote from a workshop in Edinburgh seems to convey something essential about Hunter. Speaking of Brilliancy he said: “ Imagine Brilliancy as a part of Being – like light or gravity or electromagnetic waves – it’s a part of the Divine. Feel it around/through/in you, just like gravity is and think “I do not own you, I serve you, you are not mine, I am yours, and I will serve you and love you and be true to you to the very limits of my strength, and then I will die”.

Hunter’s family shared the following which we would like to pass on.

After a 3 month, very difficult illness Hunter was moved into palliative care for one week. This marked the end of his suffering and gave us all some wonderful days to spend with him in a peaceful, loving way. It was a sweet time filled with many precious moments and when he quietly departed, it was not the end of a life but a completion in Hunter’s words.

In keeping with Hunter’s stated wishes, there will be no public burial or memorial service. A small service will take place at our lovely retreat in France, where he loved to be, with only immediate family present. As many of you have had shared experiences with Hunter through the years, he hoped that these meaningful connections would provide an opportunity for you to communicate with others within your circle and to share your sorrow, your stories, and your reflections. If this fits for you, we wish you joy and laughter as well, as this has always been one of Hunter’s gifts to all of us.

Hunter had also asked that there be no flowers or gifts. If you feel a personal need to give something, please make a donation of any size to a charity or cause near to your heart and continue to pass on to others some of the love, wisdom and humility that Hunter has always brought to his family, friends, students and colleagues.

Please feel free to write to any of us but as you can imagine, we are being flooded with an outpouring of good wishes and kind thoughts. We are touched but cannot respond to so many in the measure that we would wish. Thank you all for your understanding and support.

A fond adieu from a beautiful man, a wonderful teacher, husband, father, father-in-law and grandfather. With deepest appreciation from Colleen, Erik and Shannon, Jess and Margaret, Corbin

We wholeheartedly like to add our deepest appreciation. Gaye, Chris, Sheila and Clare learned from Hunter over many years and have benefited from his passion, commitment, wisdom and support. His work will live on and stands behind every student at CSC. His passing leaves a hole in our collective and personal souls, which requires great compassion and tenderness from us all, and we share the sorrow and love with his loved ones and those who worked closely with him for decades.

With deep love and gratitude
Gaye, Chris, Sheila, Clare, Astrid, Hannah and Magda on behalf of all past and present students of the CSC

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