Who We Are

Our faculty are all highly experienced trainers in systemic constellation work. The senior faculty being some of the most experienced practitioners in the world. We also work with very carefully selected associate trainers.

The Centre Directors

Gaye Donaldson (BACP) 

In 2021 Gaye became the Creative Director of CSC having held the position of Managing Director for many years. She is a member of the Senior Teaching Faculty and, with faculty input, she also designs many of the Centre courses. She found constellation work in 1994 and has trained extensively in both family and organisational constellations. She teaches, facilitates workshops, and works as a systemic coach & consultant in film, theatre and other creative initiatives both in the UK and abroad.

Chris Williams (BACP)

Chris is a long-time Director of the Centre and a member of the Senior Teaching Faculty. He has been working in the therapeutic field since 1990 and currently works as a Constellation Practitioner, Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Coach and Trainer. He is a UKCP registered gestalt psychotherapist and a senior accredited BACP counsellor, with a well-established practice in South London.

Sheila McCarthy-Dodd (MBACP)

Sheila is a Director and member of the Senior Teaching Faculty at the Centre. She has trained and worked extensively in Systemic Family Constellations since 1996 and leads regular workshops in Ireland and the UK. Sheila has a well-established therapy practice in Gloucestershire for individuals, couples and supervision. She works extensively as a trainer including facilitating Relational Supervision training with Severn Talking Therapy in Bristol and Malta

Astrid Walker Bourne

Astrid joined the team as Managing Director in December 21. She worked in the international development sector in functions and remits that span programme and policy management, strategy development and change management. She started freelancing in 2019 which enabled her to work from home in the Peak District and focus her work on what she is passionate about: people-centred strategy, management and leadership development. Astrid’s love for systemic constellation work started in 2008. She will be joining the foundation programme in 2022 and as Managing Director is excited to support and work with the team to shape the Centre’s future.

The Centre Faculty

Jane James

Jane is a qualified teacher, systemic coach and supervisor. She has worked with constellations since 2002 particularly in the field of families, children and education. She also works with leaders and organisations to catalyse breakthrough and release potential.

Sandeep Ganatra

Sandeep has been working as a therapist since 1999. He has a special interest in working with those from ethnic minorities for whom it isn’t commonplace to engage in therapy as a legitimate resource. He has been involved with constellations since 2012, and has been delivering constellation workshops since 2015

Abdul-Rahman M. Abdullah

Abdul Rahman is the founder of The Field Of Awakening School based in Egypt beside the Great Pyramids. He started his journey in Humanities in 2001 working with NLP, Coaching, Reiki, Enneagram & Systemic Constellations. He started his Constellations training with Bert & Sophie Hellinger and he continued with The Centre with whom he now partners to offer CSC constellation training in Egypt.

Judith O’Hagan

Judith is a transpersonal psychotherapist and supervisor, qualified in 1998. Working in Wells, Somerset, she has a lifelong professional interest in health issues and helping people to understand the underlying meaning of their symptoms. She also uses constellation work to support health and wellbeing.

Judith is an experienced workshop facilitator, and also incorporates one-to-one constellations within her psychotherapy practice.

Clare Crombie

 Clare is an experienced UKCP Registered psychotherapist, supervisor and workshop leader. She trained at the Gestalt Centre London, from 1989, and started to incorporate Family Constellations into her practice 1996.

Clare was president of ISCA for four years. She is also qualified in EMDR and studied advances in Relational Psychotherapy, Attachment Theory, Mindfulness, and enjoys learning more about the brain with Sarah Peyton. Clare is a founder member of the Cancer Counselling Trust London, and has worked in this field.

Karl Gregory

Karl is an integrative relational therapist and has been working as a counsellor, psychotherapist and tutor for over 20 years.  His work builds on a career in the NHS as a psychiatric nurse, tutor, supervisor and manager.

 Karl has a wealth of experience and is providing workshops, counselling and supervision for organisations. Also, he has written extensively on supervision as well as counselling and mental health.

 Amongst other work he is a co-founder of Severn Talking Therapy www.severntalkingtherapy.co.ukt and has run annual supervision conferences in the UK. More recently he co-founded TRST http://trst.org.uk/ which focusses on a relational approach to therapy

Richard Wallstein

PhD, CPsychol, AFBPsS, UKCP, EMCC. Richard’s background is in psychology, Gestalt psychotherapy, and long-time membership of the Ridhwan School. He began studying Hellinger’s work in 1993, and hosted, in the UK, practitioners including Hellinger, Hunter Beaumont, Gunthard Weber and others of that generation. He was a founder-trainer of the forerunner to CSC, a founding board member of ISCA, and led international workshops and trainings. He is a psychotherapist, senior-executive coach, and supervisor.

Richard’s email: [email protected]

Guest Speakers

Stefan Jovanović

Stefan Jovanović is a queer Slavic storyteller, performance-maker and therapist. Initially trained as an architect, he later established a career in the performing arts and trained in Family Systemic Constellations and Somatic Experiencing®, integrating therapeutic modalities into his artistic practice. His stage work explores ideas of radical togetherness, systemic inclusion and ancestral trauma through a maximalist aesthetic that combines sculpture, ceremony, dance and design. Creating cultural spaces for healing sits at the core of his practice. In his therapeutic practice, Stefan fuses learnings from a decade of spiritual self-development, plant medicine, somatic sensing, voice-work, dance, body release, and trauma healing with visualisation techniques, touch, talking, and movement therapy. Stefan works extensively with LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent communities. In 2016, he assisted Dr. Peter Levine and Betsy Polatin in their workshop Trauma and the Performing Arts.

Website: http://studiostefanjovanovic.com.

Social media: @studiostefanjovanovic


Website: http://studiostefanjovanovic.com

Insta: @studiostefanjovanovic

Sarah Peyton

Sarah is a constellations facilitator, Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication and neuroscience educator, integrates constellations, brain science and the use of resonant language to heal trauma with exquisite and warm gentleness. She teaches and lectures internationally, contributes regularly to The Knowing Field, is an annual guest speaker and teacher at the ISCA Intensive in Germany and is the author of the book “Your Resonant Self: Guided Meditations and Exercises to Engage Your Brain’s Capacity for Healing.” She is currently at work on a second book, commissioned by W.W.Norton, on the relational neuroscience of the unconscious contracts that constellations so often let us discover and disentangle.


Bertold Ulsamer

Bertold Ulsamer lives in Freiburg, Germany. He holds a PHD in law and received a degree in clinical psychology. As a trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) he started 1984 to train managers in leadership, communication and self-management skills. Meeting the work of Bert Hellinger in 1994 he has lead workshops and facilitated trainings in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa. Since 2007 he trains Chinese facilitators in Shanghai. His 3-year training with Peter Levine in Trauma work (“Somatic Experiencing”) added important insights and applications to his constellation work.
He is the author of 30 books, 7 about constellation work. Some of the books are translated into English (“Live a Guilt-Free Life! Bringing Consciousness to Conscience”, “The Positive Power of the Past”, “The Art and Practice of Family Constellations” ).Since 2016 he published 43 internet courses on udemy.com. Recommended: “Be free – drop your bad conscience! How you understand and dissolve personal guilt”.

Website: www.ulsamer.com

e-mail: [email protected]

Daan van Kampenhout

Daan van Kampenhout has been studying shamanic practice since the late nineteen eighties with teachers from various cultures. In the late nineteen nineties he got involved with family constellations and gradually develop Systemic Ritual, which unites elements of shamanic ritual and systemic constellations in a form all its own. Daan wrote seven books, has been translated into 12 languages and has worked worldwide.

The Centre Office Team

Hannah Cox

Hannah is the Course Manager at the Centre She is a native of the West Country and currently lives in the beautiful city of Wells in Somerset. She has many years administrative experience, working mostly in academic institutions. She is also a Yoga and Meditation teacher and Naturopathic Nutrition Adviser. She discovered systemic constellations in 2018.

Magda Nowakowska

Magda is the CSC Business Manager. Originally from Poland, she has been living in London for almost 20 years. She has over 15 years of experience working in multiple finance and management roles in the banking sector and with HMRC, but she also works in the healing field and has trained with the Centre.


The Founders

We would like to include our deep respect for the founders and past directors of our organisation over the years. Our Founders include Richard Wallstein, Jutta ten Herkel, Judith Hemming, Philippa Lubbock, Barbara Stones and Karen Hedley. Past Directors include Edward Rowland and Nicola Dunn.

And behind all of us are of course Bert Hellinger and Hunter Beaumont. We feel huge gratitude for you all.

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