The Stance of the Systemic Facilitator: How I Face the World Matters

The Orders Masterclass Part III: Determining the direction of travel and Implementation 

with Richard Wallstein

Richard Wallstein PhD, C.Psychol., AFBPsS, UKCP is one of the Founders of the Centre and has led workshops and international trainings for many years. He has a PhD in cognitive and perceptual psychology and is a registered Gestalt psychotherapist; he began studying systemic work in 1993 with Beaumont, Hellinger, and others. He was a founding trainer of the institute ancestral to CSC and led workshops and international trainings for many years, He has private psychotherapy and consulting/coaching practices in London. Also, he was a founding board member of ISCA, the International Systemic Constellations Association.

This masterclass is part of our Continuing Professional Development series and does not constitute a training in Systemic Constellation Work. CSC considers a formal training of at least 30 days to be the minimum requirement for practice.

This Masterclass will be recorded and made available for those who could not attend the live event.

Richard’s email: [email protected]

Who is it for?

This masterclass is for those who are currently studying systemic constellation work or have done some training in this way of working.

What you will learn/develop

Stance or posture is the immediately perceivable expression of the systemic facilitator’s attitude to self, client, other participants, and what may be possible in the work.

Many people when approaching facilitating a systemic constellation hold a belief about our capability and, perhaps as well, a belief about how we are perceived by others. These beliefs, which may take the form of over- or under-estimates, can be thought about as the inner and outer surfaces of our Stance in the world. Our stance itself, then, is a membrane between our personal and professional lives; this membrane is both semi-permeable and active. Depending on the relative energetic charges on the inside and the outside, our stance will impart a spin to our thoughts, feelings, and communications. The less the spin accords with reality the greater the disturbance it causes, for ourself or others. Becoming more proficient in the systemic work needs to include coming to terms with our stories about ourselves so our stance matches more and more closely who we actually are. As that difference minimises, we increase our ability during the client work to notice nuance and create accurate hypotheses and structures to resolve our client’s issue. The initial point at which the phenomenon described above arises is meeting and interviewing the client. This portion of the work will receive particular attention.

This masterclass will comprise a short teaching, an exercise followed by discussion, and a demonstration piece of work by Richard with discussion of that. Thus, there will be a number of potential learning categories.

In teaching this work over many years, I have often observed that students tend not to allow themselves the opportunity to get to grips with what they have been told and what they have observed. An important way to facilitate that personal ‘grip-getting’ is through asking questions. I encourage that for this session. Note that the personal involvement that students bring to systemic work is not with the emotional content but with the intellectual and felt-sense content of what they observe or take part in.


Course Dates 

This course will be run online in one 3 hour session (with an additional 15 minute break)

Date – Friday 11th June 2021  (9.15am-12.30pm BST)


The cost of this course is £30

There is no deposit required for this course, please pay the full fee to secure your place.

Please note: CSC is a Not for Profit organisation and does not therefore charge VAT.

How to apply/book your place

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The Facilitator


Richard Wallstein PhD, C.Psychol., AFBPsS, UKCP

Senior teaching faculty member; with a background in psychology and Gestalt psychotherapy and began studying Hellinger’s work in 1993, working with many practitioners. He has been leading workshops and trainings internationally for many years and has private psychotherapy and consulting/coaching practices in London. He was a founding board member of ISCA, the International Systemic Constellations Association.


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