The Body as Home

for Constellation Work – Online Training

What does embodiment really mean?  We are offering this very unique two day course to give you a chance to begin a new relationship with your body, and to explore what prevents us from deeply engaging with our bodily wisdom, the deeper story of our life force. Our body is the home for our soul, and the soul tells its story through the body.  And yet we sometimes disconnect from the body, and thereby lose touch with the soul’s messages.

This training is part of our Continuing Professional Development series and does not constitute a training in Systemic Constellation Work. CSC considers a formal training of at least 30 days to be the minimum requirement for practice. 


Who is it for?

This course is for those wishing to gain a fuller understanding, from a systemic constellation perspective, of the issues and concerns that they may have in their everyday life – this may be personal, familial or professional.


What will your learn/develop?

This course will be evocative, rather than didactic. Traditionally in constellations we work with the body through symptoms and health issues.  In this course we will be looking at the realm of the body as the fundamental ground of our being. We will journey from shame to befriending; from isolation to inclusion, from rejection to acceptance. As we bring awareness to our body, we will gain an appreciation of the triumph of life passed on to us; a sense of our life force, energy, wider field; and of the divine intention of our soul within this body.

Course Dates

This online course is run as a single module. The module will run from 9.30 am-5.30 pm BST on the following dates – Thursday 6th & Friday 7th May 2021 


There is no deposit required for this course, please pay the full fee to secure your place.

Now that this event will be run online we have reduced the fee to £220

Please note: CSC is a Not for Profit organisation and does not therefore charge VAT.

How to apply/book your place

To book a place on the CSC ‘Body as Home for Constellation Work’ online training, please complete the booking process by clicking the ‘Click here to Book’ button at the bottom of this page.

 You will then receive an email confirming your place. If this does not arrive please contact the office at [email protected] as your booking may not have gone though.

The Facilitators

Gaye Donaldson (BACP) 

Managing Director of the Centre for Systemic Constellations and teaching faculty member. She has trained extensively in both family and organisational constellations. Gaye facilitates workshops, and works as a systemic coach & consultant both in the UK and abroad. She has recently been working in conflict resolution in the Middle East through the organisation ‘Healing the Wounds of History’.           

Sheila McCarthy-Dodd, (MBACP)

Sheila is a Director and teaching faculty member of the Centre for Systemic Constellations. She has trained and worked extensively in Systemic and Family Constellations since 1996 and leads regular family constellation workshops in Ireland and the UK. Sheila has a well-established therapy practice in Gloucestershire for individuals, couples and supervision. She works extensively as a trainer including facilitating Relational Supervision training with Severn Talking Therapy in Bristol and Malta.            

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