On epigenetic inheritance

Here is a recent media review of ongoing research into epigenetic inheritance.  The emerging scientific findings continue to demonstrate how environmental impact on genes carries trauma and stress from one generation to the next.Helen Thomson ‘Study of Holocaust...

Bert Hellinger on Man and Woman

MAN AND WOMAN 1. How can our couple relationship be realised? To realise a couple relationship, three things are needed. Each of them is important and not one may take the place of the other. 2. The sexual relationship The first thing is the sexual relationship. It´s...

Being vulnerable allows our soul to transform

THE DOOR TO INTIMACY The wonderful thing is that vulnerability becomes the door to intimacy, to being ourselves, to being real, to being where we are. But for that to happen, we have to be willing to be vulnerable to what is. Being vulnerable means that our soul is...

The importance of fathers

A short piece from The New Yorker on the importance of fathers, considered from many different perspectives: Joshua Rothman ‘Fathers In The Blood’

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