Five Elements Constellation

An Experience and Insight Into This Innovative Approach with Emerson Bastos

Emerson Bastos’ background is in Oriental Medicine as a Shiatsu Practitioner. Having extensively trained in Family Constellations with the CSC, he has developed a fascinating method that combines both the Five Elements Theory from Oriental Medicine and Systemic Constellation Work.

The ‘Five Elements Constellation’ is a complementary and innovative approach that reveals, informs and orients both client and facilitator as to what is happening and where interventions might be more effectively directed, more clearly getting to the core of the issue.

This combination can be seen as an intrapsychic diagnostic method that reflects the often very challenging balance between being a unique individual in the world and part of something that is much bigger than us.

Another way of saying this is, how we, in our unique ways, are self-regulating and adapting to the ever changing outer environment, including our greater context of personal history and how we, at this moment in time, are relating to our parents and ancestry.

    Emerson’s more recent involvement with Gestalt Psychotherapy has transformed, supported and enhanced his ability and skills as a constellation facilitator. He has been sharing his work both here in the UK and abroad.

    At our introductory event, on 1st November 2019, we invite constellation facilitators and students to come and experience Five Elements Constellations and explore some of the complexities and potential uses in therapeutic work. There will be time dedicated to the constellation of the Five Elements and according to the needs of the group, discussion of the theoretical underpinnings.

    For more information about Emerson and his work, please visit:


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