Our Roles and Relationships

Our life is in constant flux: we hold many different roles and relationships. We are daughters and sons, mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends and siblings, aunties and uncles, work colleagues and so much more. Each of these roles and life stages bring their own challenges. And it is in each and every relationship, be it a close or distant one, fulfilled and loving, tense, broken and/or unhappy that our lives unfold. Authors explore how the Orders of Love  support our life to flourish and enable us to live life fully. 

The articles also demonstrate how systemic family constellations work beautifully in tandem with other therapeutic approaches. 

The significance of balance in relationships

Chris Williams

One of the greatest challenges many couples may face, over time, are imbalances that emerge between them; in power, in leadership, in reciprocity, or the primacy of one individual’s family ‘norms’ over the other. Chris explores what it takes to work on couple issues both with individuals as well as with couples bringing to life how constellations create movement and resolution in relationships.    Read more

Emotional Freedom Techniques and Constellations

Tamara Donn

Tamara provides wonderful insight into the subconscious beliefs that keep women stuck in a cycle of being overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted. Using her training in Emotional Freedom Techniques and Systemic Family Constellations she shows how long-term patterns and physical disharmony can gradually dissolve through expressing the underlying emotions and addressing entanglements. Read more

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