Free Q&A Session – Supervising Systemic Constellation Work

– A Brief Introductory Session to Supervising Systemic Constellation Work with Gaye Donaldson

Gaye is Managing Director of the Centre and teaching faculty member. She has many year’s experience of facilitating workshops, and she works as a systemic coach & consultant both in the UK and abroad.  

If you are interested in finding out a little more about systemic constellation work, and particularly The CSC Foundation Training in this work, then do join us for this introductory session. The date of this meeting ensures that all applicants can apply for a place on the course before the discounted Early Bird deadlines for the 2022 trainings in both London and Bristol.

This session does not constitute a training in Systemic Constellation Work. CSC considers a formal training of at least 30 days to be the minimum requirement for practice.


Who is it for?

Never has there been such a need for excellent supervision in Systemic Constellation Work, and yet there is a severe shortage of experienced supervisors in the field.

If you would like to come and learn about the difference between Relational and Systemic Supervision and what is needed to support new facilitators to the maintain the highest possible standards of this work, then do join our Becoming a Systemic Constellation Supervisor training starting on 21st June.

The course includes 45 hours of in-depth teaching over 9 online sessions 1400 – 1900 UK time (1500 – 2000 CET) plus practice groups and reading groups to support personal and professional development.

Session Date

A free one-hour Q&A session to discuss this training will be held online on Tuesday 7th June 1800 – 1900 UK time (1900 – 2000 CET).


No cost-free one-hour Q&A session


How to apply/book your place

To book a place on this introductory session, please complete the booking process by clicking the ‘Click here to Book’ button at the bottom of this page. You will receive an email confirming your place. If this does not arrive, please contact the office at [email protected]


The Facilitator


Gaye Donaldson (BACP) 

Managing Director of the Centre and teaching faculty member. She has trained extensively in both family and organisational constellations. She facilitates workshops, and works as a systemic coach & consultant both in the UK and abroad. She has recently been working in conflict resolution in the Middle East through the organisation ‘Healing the Wounds of History’. 


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