Perception: Where do we know our knowing, and not-knowing  


with Gaye Donaldson

As facilitators of systemic constellations, coaches and therapists our role is to be of service to our clients.  In constellations this happens by tuning into the field, ourselves and each other. The same happens when we work in other facilitative client facing roles. With our wide range of personal and professional experiences, we bring different ways and approaches as to how we do so.

In this masterclass of 3 x 2.5 hours sessions, you will explore how to deepen your ability to be in tune and fluent with the evolving nature of a client, their context and the issues you will be working with. Working with the head, heart and body, the masterclass will provide valuable teaching, experiential exercises and group work. It will help you expand your ability to perceive, without judgment, through all your senses and feelings, thus enabling you to understand and see without bias what is needed to support a client in the best possible way.

Who is it for?

This masterclass is for anyone who wants to deepen their systemic constellation, coaching and therapeutic skills as well as for everyone who wants to learn how to make their unconscious conscious and provide them with more choices in their communication in personal and professional spheres.  

It is also highly relevant if you are working as a coach, therapist, or supervisor for any kind of organisation and in the healing arts.


What you will learn/develop

Gaye will be running 3 on-line Masterclass sessions on ‘Perception – Where do we know our knowing, and not-knowing’.  The sessions will be stand alone, and will cover different topics. They also work as a deepening series.

Session 1 – will address how we know our knowing. Here we discuss the difference between head, heart and body knowing, and how to recognise the primary and secondary centres of awareness in our selves, and our clients. This understanding supports a deepened experience of systemic constellation work for all.

Session 2 – here we will explore how we can use the experience of our 12 senses to consciously widen our perception through a deepening connection with ourselves and our own extraordinary sensory capacities. This will include teaching on the physical senses, the soul senses and the spiritual senses.

Session 3 – considers empathy vs resonance,  and how we both tune into our inner knowing and empathic awareness whilst also keeping our own field clear and attending to energetic hygiene. 

 Session Dates

The sessions will be stand alone, and will cover different topics (see above). They also work as a deepening series.

Each online session will start at 5pm and finish at 7.30pm UK time. There will be a combination of teaching and experiential exercises.

Session 1 – 26 March 2024
Session 2 – 23 April 2024
Session 3 – 11 June 2024  


No deposit is required for this course, please pay the full fee to secure your place.

The cost is £45 per session or £120 if you book all three sessions. 

How to book your place

To book a place on the any of these Masterclass sessions click on the ‘Click here to Book’ button at the bottom of the page. You will be given two options.

If you wish to attend all three sessions at the discounted rate, please select ‘Book all 3 sessions here’.

If you only wish to book on to specific sessions, please select the ‘Book set sessions’ button. You will then be able to select and de-select the sessions you wish to attend by clicking on the x next to the session date. 

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The Facilitator




Gaye Donaldson (BACP) 

Gaye is one of the most senior practitioners and teachers of Systemic Constellation Work. In 2021 Gaye became the Creative Director having held the position of Managing Director for many years. She is a member of the Senior Teaching Faculty and, with faculty input, she also designs many of the Centre courses. She found constellation work in 1994 and has trained extensively in both family and organisational constellations. She teaches, facilitates workshops, and works as a systemic coach & consultant in film, theatre and other creative initiatives both in the UK and abroad. 


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