Our Approach

Systemic constellation work offers a powerful and profound way of finding resolutions to deeply felt issues. These issues may arise at home or at work, in our personal or professional relationships, or with our children/family as a whole. Sometimes the issue is our health. We may feel as if we know our problem only too well but, no matter how hard we try to resolve it, nothing seems to shift.

In contrast to other approaches that tend to view personal issues in the light of individual experience, systemic constellation work looks at the widest possible view and includes everyone and everything that might have a place. When holding the ‘wider view’ we see that many of our issues stem from ‘entanglements’ or unconscious loyalties to the suffering of others in our family, or perhaps the other systems to which we belong.

A constellation reveals the influences or events that are affecting us, and through the process we work to return to a place of ‘ primary capacity’. This is the place where we feel the greatest strength and wellbeing available to us in all aspects of our life, including our relationships, and our engagement with our own creativity and life purpose.

At the Centre for Systemic Constellations our use of the constellation approach is directive and guided in order to ensure that clients and students alike are well ‘held’ in a boundaried and supported space that aims, at all times, to protect from possible re-traumatisation or distress. In our training courses we teach our students this way of working as we believe it provides the best grounding and preparation for practice. And, like the constellation process itself, we work to support our students in finding their place of primary capacity – their own ‘Right Place’ within the field of systemic constellation work

At the Centre we teach a diverse, integrative and soul-oriented approach to the work that includes many ‘ways’ of working – including classical Hellinger family constellations, solution-focused work (structural constellations), trauma and ritual-based approaches among others. We do this so that students can develop a broad systemic vision and in time develop their own way of working which is true for them.

What is essential is that we all work safely, respectfully and responsibly from a grounded place of inner connection, presence with an excellent training behind us.