Online Facilitation Masterclasses

Whilst 2020 was challenging for us all in so many ways, at CSC our experience of having to adapt and change in order to address the prevailing circumstances shone a light that has revealed some great benefits too. One of these benefits has been the development of online learning and constellation workshops.

The development of online workshops, and our own masterclass series at CSC, have enabled us all to stay connected across country borders and even times zones. The international community of constellators and constellation followers is flourishing, sharing ideas and tools for online practice. The need for interconnected thinking at this time is great – and our work feels somehow supported and energetically blessed as we make this transition to online constellations.

We are delighted to offer a series of three online masterclasses, each presented by a different CSC Associate who has been working this way for a while now. You are welcome to attend one session or all three. Each will demonstrate a different way of facilitating online and will offer a Q&A session after a piece of client work.

This series is organised in response to numerous requests from our community and we are very grateful to Rafe Nauen, Richard Bundy and Aleksandra Shymina.

This masterclass is part of our Continuing Professional Development series and does not constitute a training in Systemic Constellation Work. CSC considers a formal training of at least 30 days to be the minimum requirement for practice.

Who is it for?

This course is for those wishing to gain a fuller understanding of online constellation facilitation.


What will your learn/develop?

Each session will be led by a different Systemic Constellation Facilitator and Associate of CSC to demonstrate the different styles that be used within online facilitation. During each session the facilitator will present a constellation piece and this will be followed by a Question and Answer session.

Course Dates

Each online session will be run by a different Facilitator to provide a wider choice of dates for participants and to offer different perspectives. Each session will run from 3pm – 5pm BST.

Session 1 – 25 February 2021 with Rafe Nauen 

Session 2 – 31 March 2021 with Richard Bundy

Session 3 –  30 April 2021 with Aleksandra Shymina


The cost is £20 per session or £48 if you book all 3 sessions.

There is no deposit required for this course, please pay the full fee to secure your place.

Please note: CSC is a Not for Profit organisation and does not therefore charge VAT.

How to apply/book your place

To book a place on the any of these Masterclass sessions, please email our Course Manager at [email protected] and state which sessions you would like to book. Hannah, our Course Manager will send you an invoice to cover your fees.

The Facilitators

Rafe Nauen 

Rafe has had a varied career path encompassing many types of work. For the last 10 years he has focussed on Constellation Therapy, and runs regular workshops, online and face to face.

Trained in 2006 with what was then CSISS, Rafe combines the work with his training as a master coach NLP and EFT and Matrix practitioner to specialise is deep trauma work and especially ancestral healing.

Rafe is married to Julie Bowman and between them, they have eight children and soon to have their fifteenth grandchild. Their household is busy with healing work. Julie’s essence work engaging with many of Rafe’s clients with the Constellation Mix.

Rafe started his constellation journey by needing to know what he was responsible for and what he was not responsible for. Richard Wallstein facilitated the first workshop in 2004 and Rafe was hooked. A new career path opened up and has so far been immensely rewarding.


Richard Bundy

Richard is a Systemic Practitioner, Trauma and Crisis Management Counsellor and Professional Musician.

Richard began facilitating as a Systemic Practitioner in 2006. He was mentored by Judith Hemming and Mark Wolynn one of America’s leaders in inherited family trauma.

Richard works as an Executive Coach with He facilitates workshops nationally. In addition to working with individuals, families and organisations, he has worked with the Police, National Lottery and Arts Council funded projects, Dover Arts Development. He explores underlying issues in parent/child relationships and trans-generational social issues.  

Richard will be talking at TEDx 2021; overviewing the insights of Systemic practice in 2021.


Aleksandra Shymina

Aleksandra has trained extensively with the Centre for Systemic Constellations and is running regular workshops and private sessions in London and internationally. She also trained with Daan van Kampenhout in Systemic Ritual in Mexico, Vienna and Paris and in core shamanism with Chetna Lawless. Aleksandra offers private and group constellations, rituals, ceremonies and shamanic healing. Before building her systemic practice Aleksandra’s background and training was in law, development and the charity sector. Website – ‘

Email [email protected] to book


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