When we remember that Nature came first. When we acknowledge that we are not the first ones to solve anything and that Nature has already got all the answers that we are looking for. When we stand in our right place in a long line of organisms and get in touch with the Elders of Nature that have been here on this planet far longer than we have. When we begin to see Life as a source from which everything comes and open up to receive. When order is restored in this way, Nature begins to pass on its wisdom to us in ways that support Life.

Biomimicry is a new discipline that seeks to take design advice from Nature, asking a simple question “How does Nature solve this?’ while attuning to solutions where Life Creates Conditions Conducive to Life. Listen to Janine Benyus talk about Biomimicry in action and check out www.biomimicry.net and www.asknature.org to find out more.




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