A Place for Men

What does it mean to be a man in your culture, society and family with all the do’s and don’ts as to what a man should and shouldn’t be and do?

What are you going through and how well are you supported in negotiating your right place as society becomes more fluid with gender roles? 

How are you adapting to changes within and around you, and how are you managing the expectations of others and society about what a man can or should be in the different stages of and roles in life?

We are living at a time in which the behaviour of men is under tremendous scrutiny. Familiar male cliches fill our modern discourse: the patriarchy, male power and abuse of power, the stay at home dad, the ripped hunk, the wise old man.

And yet, within each man is a personal story, the intimate self wrapped in the clothes of maleness and all that this brings.  This self, often vulnerable, is rarely spoken of, rarely listened to, and largely unseen. 


This workshop provides a safe, supportive and resourceful space for listening, seeing and healing for men.

Who is it for?

This workshop is for all men who would like to explore issues such as identity, maleness, relationships, violence, bullying, abuse sexuality, mental health and spirituality, using constellation work. It is a men-only space that provides the openness, relaxedness, trust and fellowship to explore the needs, complexities, pain and paradoxes of men in relation to ourselves, the people we love, our families and wider social and professional contexts.

What will you be able to explore?

Beginning with ourselves as separate individual men we well look at the systemic model and explore the web of relationships in the wider system, along with significant events and ideologies that have impacted the family and its members. This provides a fuller picture of the individual as part of a larger set of systems and allows us to see and understand the unseen dynamics operating within the system, and to find a healthy and respectful place for all members of the system in question. Everyone who feels connected to the question is also included in the constellation in a personal way.

You will be able to embody the reality that vulnerabilities are a legitimate part of being human and not a sign of weakness or a source of shame. That deeply engaging with them is not the sole domain of just one gender. And that it can be strengthening and resourcing rather than weakening or shaming.

Our experience is that it is predominantly women who take advantage of therapeutically-orientated workshops. If more men were able to partake in such groups then they would, in time, become stronger and better equipped to engage with difficulties arising in our lives, and particularly in our relationships, which in turn will support other men.

Thus, this men-only workshop is an important and vital space to develop your own embodied truth of being a man or in a man’s body away from the often rigid, contested, confusing and judgemental contexts we live in.  This work brings us a step closer to a world in which each gender is equally respected and gender differences are celebrated and a world in which this painful distance between and within the genders is resolved.



There is no deposit required for this course; please pay the full fee to secure your place. We are offering the course at an Early Bird Price of £99 if booked by 31st January 2024. After that the Full Price is £130.

Please note: CSC is a Not for Profit organisation and does not, therefore, charge VAT.

Workshop Dates

This workshop will be held in London, on Saturday, 16th March 2024, from 9.30 am-5.30 pm.

How to book your place

To book a place please complete the booking process by clicking the ‘Booking’ button. You will then receive an email confirming your place. If this does not arrive, please contact the office at [email protected], as your booking may not have gone through. Please note we need a minimum number of participants to run the workshop. Should we be unable to reach this we will reimburse all participants fully. 


St Andrews Church, Short Street, London, SE1 8LJ.

The Facilitator

James Pereira

James Pereira is an ICF certified coach, constellations facilitator, NLP master practitioner and practising barrister. He runs regular constellation workshops in the beautiful surroundings of the Inner Temple, London. Visit  https://www.thelibrapartnership.com/workshops for details and booking. 

James first experienced family constellations with Judith Hemming, and was so impressed with its transformational impact that he went on to complete his Foundation and Applied training at The CSC, and undertake systemic leadership and business coaching programmes at The Whole Partnership.  He is qualified in Organisation, Relationships and Systems Coaching (‘ORSC’), and obtained his NLP Master Practitioner’s certification in 2017 (training with Dr Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP). He has also undertaken training in mindfulness, meditation and trauma therapy which he integrates into his coaching practice. 

James divides his time between 1:1 and organisational coaching, constellation facilitating, training lawyers and legal practice.  He aims to bring a safe, brave and heartfelt presence to his facilitating, and strives to support clients to find insights, movements and solutions that are right for them.

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