Beyond the Surface

Masterclass with Judith Hemming

Judith Hemming MA, UKCP Reg is a senior teaching faculty member and has a background in education and Gestalt psychotherapy. Since learning Hellinger’s approach in the early 90′s and studying with many practitioners, she has been practising and teaching constellations and intensive training across the world, from Mexico to Australia. She has developed and taught the applications of the systemic approach in a variety of contexts, and is on the faculties of the European Family Constellation Intensives.

These classes offer:

  • A supported community of professional practice and development
  • A place to develop ideas, share questions, seek feedback and deepen learning
  • Supervision and CPD from senior CSC faculty and other trainers in the wider field of the work
  • Interactive sessions focused around the needs of the group
  • Develop new practitioner skills
  • Stay in touch with new teaching in the field of Systemic Constellation Work

This masterclass series provides a community of practice and professional development for those who have completed their Foundation (year 1) or Applied (year 2) training and now wish for a supported journey into deepening practice in their own field of work. The group welcomes professional diversity in the application of the systemic constellation approach.

These masterclasses are advanced workshops aimed at mastering subtle aspects of constellation work that are more apparent to the experienced practitioner. It’s also an opportunity to join cohort of practitioners who will support each other, create a community of excellence, and meet the requirements for adequate supervision and CPD, whist keeping abreast with developments in the field of constellation work.

About the Class

 Both students and experienced facilitators enjoy the opportunity to look beyond the actions of a facilitator so as to enrich their understanding of what goes into the design and unfolding of a powerful constellation. 

These masterclasses are an opportunity to explore the inner workings and many decisions that a constellator makes when offering a constellation. Judith will work with whatever comes up, sharing her thinking at each stage including the systemic principles which guide her. Participants can also opt to share the constellation seat with Judith to deepen their learning. Bring your questions and your personal needs – all are welcome. 


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