Constellations and the Arts 

In this series we seek to explore the work of constellation practitioners in all creative processes. Authors challenge conventional beliefs and practices around art and the artistic process. They show how constellations can  add huge insights into the creative process and help performers become more aware of the dynamics that influence the way they relate to each other and add depth and richness to the art they create.  

We begin with fascinating insights from Gaye and Stefan who explore how the systemic principles of Place, Time & Space, Belonging and Giving & Taking help or hinder the creative process and / or add depth to the art work or process. 



Unleashing the spirit of creativity

Gaye Donaldson

It is commonly believed that the quality of a creative piece of work, creative innovation or the process of creating any kind of art is the personal responsibility and intellectual property of its creator. But what if there was a great misunderstanding about where creativity is born from? What if creativity came from somewhere other than the artist or creator of the work? Read more 

Rethinking the way we gather: Choreography and Constellations

Stefan Jovanović

Stefan is interested in creating spaces where people come together to consciously practice communicating non-verbally, with a particular focus on pre-verbal communication to better understand ourselves and each other. He weaves together his practices as a choreographer and family constellation practitioner.  Read more

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