Believe me, you don’t have to know.

Not so much that you render yourself helpless.

Helpless in the face of what Life brings next.

So make peace with knowing very little.

About Love.

About Others.

About how life should be.

Make amends with how things are.

Not knowing a thing,

walk with gentle knees,

ready to drop to them at any moment

that Life dictates.

Keep an empty hand

so that it can be brought to your heart

when grief arrives.

Make up a bed that you can fall into

as your own comforting arms.

We come to find that Life is mostly quiet –

it asks us to live by our Knowing,

while surrendering that very same thing.

It vibrates easily around us,

candid and benevolent.

You see, it’s only when we root ourselves

solid in some Knowing again

that Life seems to have to shout –



from Its whisper.

Em Claire

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