Hand the Baton Campaign 


A call to support the growth of the systemic constellation community in troubled times

In this period of increasingly complex personal, environmental, societal and economic challenges there an urgent need for interconnected thinking. At the CSC, we believe we cannot wait for others to address or fix the challenges and often polarities in our families, communities and places of work. We all have a role to play.

The CSC was established in 2000 to develop a community of learning and exploration using systemic principles and tools. We continue to be inspired by the profound depth, breadth and possible application of the work. Something magic happens when we combine our understanding of systemic orders, whilst following the emergent phenomenology, revealing what needs to be seen and included.

Over the years those who have learnt and been supported by CSC have taken this work into some extraordinary places and the methodology has been used to bring understanding and change to situations where the systemic lens is most needed.

As well as working with traumatic, familial and personal issues, our community has taken the work into the judicial system, the banking system, the NHS, into trauma and addiction work, the arts, creativity, film and theatre. We have worked in war zones, end of life care, even veterinary practice… the list goes on and on.

There is a quiet systemic revolution that is slowly changing thinking which benefits us all.

But we need to do more, and, we believe, now is the time to be aspirational and act with urgency. t.  And we need you. Please help us in this time of great need for interconnected thinking to pass the baton on.

We are asking you to help us invest in and diversify the community, allowing it to grow and deepen its reach by contributing funding as follows:

Bursary Fund


Donate to a bursary fund, through a one-off or regular contribution of whatever amount you feel able to give. We are receiving more and more requests for bursaries as increasing numbers of people face economic hardships and uncertainty.

With your support, we want to increase the number of bursary places from two per training to five, enabling people on low incomes to join. To grant bursaries for CSC’s five core training courses in 2023, we need to raise £12,000.

And we would like to go a step further:



Scholarship Fund

We seek to make scholarships available to offer training at heavily subsidised prices, tailored to an individuals’ ability to pay. The aim of the scholarship fund is to enable people from ethnically and economically excluded groups to join.

Many sectors that would benefit from the constellation approach are themselves underfunded, pay low wages or are run with volunteers. We would like to offer three scholarship places for each core training starting in 2023 – an ambitious and we believe achievable goal if the community comes together.

This would require £5,000 of funding per training. We run four core courses in 2023 plus two further development courses and want to raise £26,000 for scholarships.



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