Foundation Training

in Systemic Constellations 2024 (Year 1) Bristol

A method both practical and profound.


This Foundation Training in Bristol offers an opportunity to develop a working understanding of a systemic constellation approach, which can be used to resolve personal, family and social issues. This course has been running for over 20 years and is a valued resource for those wishing to engage in personal and professional development; it provides a truly fresh perspective on yourself, your life, your work and the family and community groups to which you belong.

The Foundation Training may be undertaken as an independent course or as the first step in the wider CSC Advanced Professional Training.

If you are interested in joining the Foundation training, please submit an application form in the first instance, before paying the deposit. For full details of the how to apply for the training and information about the fees, please scroll down.


Introduction to the CSC Foundation Training in Systemic Constellation Work with Gaye Donaldson,

Creative Director of CSC

Who is it for?

This course is for anybody who wishes to gain a fuller understanding, from a systemic constellation perspective, of the issues and concerns that they may have in their everyday life – this may be personal, familial or professional. The course takes us on a journey to understand and begin to explore the observed, universal principles – The Orders of Love –  and how when we face into the most difficult aspects in our families, relationships and places of work we can begin to re-establish movement and let go of entanglements in our family systems that prevent us from living life fully.

Constellation work acknowledges the importance of finding a place for each member of every human system, and with this principle at the heart of the methodology this approach both integrates with, and deepens, other resolution-oriented perspectives. It is particularly relevant for professionals whose work brings them into contact with family and other social systems, for example:

•   Therapists, counsellors, health professionals and those in related fields

•   Managers and leaders who have staff responsibilities and are engaged in planning, change management and organisational development

•   Teachers, social care professionals and those working with children and families, marginalized social groups and refugees

•   Those working in the field of substance abuse and in the criminal justice system

At this Foundation level the training is offered as an enrichment of existing practice and not as a qualification. CPD certificates will be given. 

The course will also provide opportunities to constellate (with support).

What will you learn?

This foundation year introduces participants to the underpinning principles and practice of the systemic approach introduced by Bert Hellinger based on the Zulu Traditions of Field-based knowing. It has a particular focus on the family as our primary system. The emphasis is experiential, theoretical and practical.

This training will establish an understanding of what it means to have a ‘systemic lens’ – or wider view, with supporting methodology, for finding resolution to deeply felt and seemingly intractable issues.

The course will cover the core concepts of systemic constellation work, both in groups and 1-1 contexts including:


The Field & The System

Including: the self as part of a system, the organising principles of systems, the primary system – parents and children and how families thrive; acknowledging the place of our ancestors; constellations as ritual.

What It Means To Work With Heart & Soul

Including: the definition of health; how does phenomenology help; somatic sensing and body based intelligence; stance; how to manage balance and reciprocity; fate, soul and the spirit, and what is asked of us when we help others; practitioner ethical impeccability.

How We Deal With Incoherence & Disorder

Including: when things go wrong; radical inclusion and the consequences of exclusion – atonement, identification and entanglement in issues that are not our own, and what needs to be done to put things right.

Course Dates 2024

This course includes 4 training modules, 3 online teaching sessions, 2 tutorial sessions and 2 representative workshop places. A Certificate of Attendance is given at the end of the course. Tutorial dates will be arranged individually, and free workshop places can be booked independently during the training.

The modules and online Zoom sessions will run from 9.30 am-5.30 pm on the following dates.

Module 128-29 Feb & 1 Mar 2024Wednesday – Friday
Zoom Session 112 Apr 2024Friday
Module 222-24 May 2024Wednesday – Friday
Zoom Session 224 Jun 2024Monday
Module 34-6 Sep 2024Wednesday – Friday
Zoom Session 34 Oct 2024Friday
 Module 430-31 Oct & 1 Nov  2024Wednesday – Friday





The full course fee is £3,600. A non-refundable deposit of £380 is payable to secure your place.

We are offering an Early Bird price of £3,315 if you secure your place by 31st October 2023.

Once the deposit is received, the remainder is due before the course begins. A small number of bursaries are available. Please contact us directly for more information. Discretionary payment plans are available on request.

Please note: CSC is a Not for Profit organisation and does not, therefore, charge VAT.

How to Apply for this Training

To book a place on the CSC Foundation Training in Bristol, please complete the application form.

Having completed your application, you will then be invited to have an informal interview on the phone with one the of the faculty members.

Should you be accepted on to the course, you will receive an email officially offering you a place. At this stage we request £380 deposit to secure your place.

For further information please email Hannah Cox at [email protected], or call +44 7929 313 976.

Download the CSC Foundation Bristol 2024 brochure here

The Facilitators

Gaye Donaldson (BACP) 

In 2021 Gaye became the Creative Director of CSC having held the position of Managing Director for many years. She is a member of the Senior Teaching Faculty and, with faculty input, she also designs many of the Centre courses. She found constellation work in 1994 and has trained extensively in both family and organisational constellations. She teaches, facilitates workshops, and works as a systemic coach & consultant in film, theatre and other creative initiatives both in the UK and abroad.

Sheila McCarthy-Dodd (MBACP)

Sheila is a Director and member of the Senior Teaching Faculty at the Centre. She has trained and worked extensively in Systemic Family Constellations since 1996 and leads regular workshops in Ireland and the UK. Sheila has a well-established therapy practice in Gloucestershire for individuals, couples and supervision. She works extensively as a trainer including facilitating Relational Supervision training with Severn Talking Therapy in Bristol and Malta


The above modules will be held at:

Centre for Whole Health

12 Victoria Place

Bristol, BS3 3BP


Simple, powerful, effective, insightful.

I have been deeply moved by the quality of the facilitation. It is clear that the teachers are very experienced. I have appreciated that the entire experience is so steeped in respect.

I have been using my training to help look at new ways of working with students and their families in an educational setting- It has been very helpful for me to look at the school as a system where everybody has his/her rightful place.

CSC programmes are life changing and altering. If you are looking for a safe and trusted environment to go deeper and wider into yourself, you may just find the right place here.

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