You have roots that go all the way back to zero.

Feel the ebb and flow of your breath in your body.

In your belly.

As you begin to move in the spirit of stillness.

Each movement rising from the ocean of your being.

Move as if you were moving through honey.

Gathering your energy inward, sinking into the emptiness.

Disappearing in the dance.

As you shift into the poetry of shape, let your arms float like clouds around your body.

Shift your weight from one foot to the other, in slow motion.

Rising and sinking, full of emptiness.

Be aware of the edge of your shape, and its connection to the core of your being.

Just relax your face, and sense the energy vibrating within you.

And let your breath, the spirit, move freely through your body.

Move past the light, into the void.

To the space between breaths.

It’s all a prayer.

Slowly come to rest.

Close your eyes.

Focus your attention on the inner dance,

the rhythm of your breath,

the beat of your heart,

the pulse of your self.

In this womb of stillness,

in this song of silence,

embrace the mystery

that is you!

Gabrielle Roth

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