The Centre for Systemic Constellations is the only UK constellation school to be run as a ‘Not For Profit’ organisation. Since our beginnings in the early 2000s we have put ourselves in service of the work in this country. 
Maintaining excellent training is at core of what we do, but our remit also includes the evolution and integrity of the work, and the support and development of our community of fully qualified practitioners. Below, you will see how some of them are using their training with us. 


Although Systemic Constellation Work began in the psychotherapeutic community, over the past 20 years that has changed. Many professionals, from many professional fields, now incorporate the systemic lens and methodology in to their professional work. Here are way in which our past students use their training.

5 Element Work & Constellations with Emerson Bastos

It was in 2010, when I was preparing my lesson plan to revise the theory of the 5 elements from Chinese Medicine with a group of 2nd year shiatsu students and considering different teaching methods, that the idea of using constellation approach crossed my mind. At...

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Parenting & Constellations with Sara Poss and Betsy Gibson

What is unique about the Rooted Parenting course is that parents are part of a community where they feel safe to be open and supportive of each other at a deep level. The programme is designed in a way that parents do not just get tips and techniques but actually look...

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Community Map

If you are looking for a constellation practitioner, please note that constellation work, is at present, unregulated. Although the Centre does not formally endorse non-faculty practitioners, those with a blue marker on the map all meet the criteria linked here.

Our Partners

The Whole Partnership

Learn more about our sister company, The Whole Partnership. For information about coaching and training in systemic organisational work and leadership.

The Field of Awakening

The Centre collaborates with the Field of Awakening to train students in Systemic Constellation work in Egypt. 

Join our Community

Foundation Training

Join our growing community of practitioners through our Foundation Training.

The Centre Associates

Explore systemic constellation work with Introduction Days, run by The Centre Associates.

Worldwide Events

6th Australasian Systemic Constellation Intensive

Start: March 21, 2020

End: March 27, 2020

Location: Sydney, Australia

International Intensive Workshop on Systemic Resolutions

Start: April 26, 2020

End: May 3, 2020

The Fourth Annual West Coast Constellations Intensive

Start: July 10, 2020

End: July 14, 2020

Location: San Rafael, CA, USA

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