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Legal Profession & Constellations with Zita Tulyahikayo and James Pereira

Zita Tulyahikayo and James Pereira QC – Founders of the Libra Partnership, co-authors of “Loving Legal Life” for The Lawyer, and wellbeing columnists for Counsel Magazine. In 2018, we founded the Libra Partnership to lead individual and systemic change within the...

Astrology & Constellations with Michelle Duhamel

Chiron the wounded healer In mythology Chiron is a good centaur who can bring healing to people who seek his help. The planet was discovered in 1977 by an astronomer Charles Kowal in Pasadena and since then astrologers have worked with this archetype. In every birth...

Soul Retrieval & Constellations with Aleksandra Shymina

I first experienced soul retrieval at Daan van Kampenhout's training in Mexico City. As part of his teaching on Systemic Ritual he presented this concept to the group. I have met the concept before in my basic shamanic training but had a vague idea of how this could...

EFT & Constellations with Tamara Donn

My constellation journey started about 8 years ago when a friend told me about some workshops she had been attending and did I want to join her. I felt a deep YES inside me and nothing could keep me away. When the first issue holder was asked to choose someone to...

Clowning & Constellations with Sharon Usher

A conversation with Sharon Usher In this interview, organisational consultant, group facilitator, community builder, clown and constellator, Sharon Usher talks about her experience of bringing together two bodies of work – Improvisational Clown Theatre and Systemic...

5 Element Work & Constellations with Emerson Bastos

It was in 2010, when I was preparing my lesson plan to revise the theory of the 5 elements from Chinese Medicine with a group of 2nd year shiatsu students and considering different teaching methods, that the idea of using constellation approach crossed my mind. At...

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Worldwide Events

6th Australasian Systemic Constellation Intensive

Start: March 21, 2020

End: March 27, 2020

Location: Sydney, Australia

International Intensive Workshop on Systemic Resolutions

Start: April 26, 2020

End: May 3, 2020

The Fourth Annual West Coast Constellations Intensive

Start: July 10, 2020

End: July 14, 2020

Location: San Rafael, CA, USA

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