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If you are looking for a constellation practitioner, please note that constellation work, is at present, unregulated. Although the Centre does not formally endorse non-faculty practitioners, those with a blue marker on the map all meet the criteria linked here.


Legal Profession & Constellations with Zita Tulyahikayo and James Pereira

Zita Tulyahikayo and James Pereira QC – Founders of the Libra Partnership, co-authors of “Loving Legal Life” for The Lawyer, and wellbeing columnists for Counsel Magazine. In 2018, we founded the Libra Partnership to lead individual and systemic change within the...

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Worldwide Events

6th Australasian Systemic Constellation Intensive

Start: March 21, 2020

End: March 27, 2020

Location: Sydney, Australia

International Intensive Workshop on Systemic Resolutions

Start: April 26, 2020

End: May 3, 2020

The Fourth Annual West Coast Constellations Intensive

Start: July 10, 2020

End: July 14, 2020

Location: San Rafael, CA, USA

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