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Soul Retrieval & Constellations with Aleksandra Shymina

Soul Retrieval & Constellations with Aleksandra Shymina

I first experienced soul retrieval at Daan van Kampenhout's training in Mexico City. As part of his teaching on Systemic Ritual he presented this concept to the group. I have met the concept before in my basic shamanic training but had a vague idea of how this could...

When ancestors go to the Oscars, they win!

When ancestors go to the Oscars, they win!

'Coco' is a new animated feature by Pixar and it has just won the Oscars! Ancestors. Blessings. The relationship between the living and the dead. Hidden loyalties. Family secrets. Entanglements and resolutions. This wonderful, beautifully made animation is full of...

Ruud Knaapen on working with horses & wisdom of the herd

"All the information of the herd is still present in every single horse you meet. Every single horse you meet, you can meet the wisdom of the whole herd. You can make contact with the soul of the herd."   Ruud Knaapen. TEDx Talk. Wisdom of the herd.  ...

EFT & Constellations with Tamara Donn

My constellation journey started about 8 years ago when a friend told me about some workshops she had been attending and did I want to join her. I felt a deep YES inside me and nothing could keep me away. When the first issue holder was asked to choose someone to...

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