Cultural Differences and Common Grounds

Masterclass with Bertold Ulsamer

CSC is delighted to host Bertold Ulsamer for the first time. Bertold is a first generation practitioner of family systemic constellation work and is very well respected in his field. Familiar to many through his book ‘The Art and Practice of Family Constellations’ which is of course a core text for all of our students, we are delighted that he will now be with us in person for our Autumn International Workshop.

This event will be a journey together in which we broaden the horizon on cultural issues to reach to a deeper understanding of what unites us as human beings. 

Over two days Bertold will explore:

  • Families in different cultures – what do they have in common? What are the differences?
  • Men and women in different cultures – what do they have in common? What are the differences? And what can bridge these differences?
  • How historical events are reflected in the microcosm of each family and in every individual – whether on the surface or in deeper emotional reactions.
  • The continuing effect of certain historical events on our life today, e.g. imperialistic wars and conquests of the 19th and 20th centuries, the Third Reich, the Cultural Revolution.

The topics raised at this event will be explored through teaching and experiential exercises,  which may touch participants deeply as we experience our place in the wider collective field of history. Bertold will work with constellations (personal issues and supervision cases), as well as do constellation rituals and exercises or practice in small groups.  

In the many years of leading family constellation Bertold has developed his personal style.

He focuses strongly on the issue of the client, sets up only the minimum which seems to be necessary for the issue and goes directly in the direction of the solution following the principles of constellation work. He translates the energy of the field in precise and skilful language. So he finds an unique balance between the basic dynamics of energy, order and reality. He loves to teach and can explain the reason of an intervention afterwards.

To see this way of working will give you some new ideas for your own practice and how to develop more skills.

For more information about Bertold and his work, please visit:


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