In this short video Bert Hellinger talks about the art of phenomenological observation and how it can be used to reach deep insights in systemic work.

For those of you who prefer reading, we include a transcript of the video. Please see below.



‘The deep insight cannot be acquired. Not by learning. The deep insight is given to us. It shows. You can’t grasp it. It suddenly shows. There is a certain procedure by which we reach the deeper insight. The essential insight. What is essential can never be observed. The essential things are beyond the things that can be observed. It’s beyond observation.  The basic procedure for acquiring this special knowledge is what I call the phenomenological approach. But forget this word. It means you gain knowledge by a certain giving up. So instead of grasping, you take a step back and you expose yourself to a situation. For instance, you expose yourself to a client. Coming up, you don’t look at the client. Only a little bit. You expose yourself, exactly as that person is. Or you expose yourself to a situation as it is. Or you expose yourself to a certain truth. Something that is called a truth. For instance, you expose yourself to what is said about God. Just expose yourself. And you have no intention and no fear. And you wait. And suddenly an insight is given to you. It shows. Outside. Not inside. Outside. Suddenly you grasp a connection. An essential connection. And that is the kind of knowledge that supports this kind of work.’  Bert Hellinger

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