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During the past 20 years, many wonderful people have trained in constellation work with the Centre. Below you will find a growing list of fully trained Associates who, as well as running their own workshops, also offer teaching days that introduce and begin to demystify the Systemic Constellation Approach. If you are interested in attending a core training, you may like to attend one of these days first in order to learn a little more about the process.

Introduction to Constellation Days

Please note, although designed and supported by the Centre, the events below are administered by the facilitator. Please contact them for further information.

17th February 2022 – Introduction to the method of Family Constellations – Workshop with John Harris – 10am – 5pm, Cost – £65. For more information and to book, click here


The Associates

Dr. Adriana Huerta-Casas

Adriana is a physicist and an oceanographer; she has trained in Family and Systemic Constellations, which she includes in her practice as a Burnout Counsellor. She lives in Germany with her two children and her husband, where she is concluding the Alternative Practitioner for Psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie) and the Art and Creative Therapy further education. She is the founder of the project “Freude Gross, Wut Klein!”,“Big Joy, Small Rage!”, which she teaches in her children’s school. She aims to prevent racism, discrimination and violence, using empathy language, neurobiology and a systemic approach.

Website –

Aleksandra Shymina

Aleksandra has trained extensively with the Centre for Systemic Constellations and is running regular workshops and private sessions in London and internationally. She also trained with Daan van Kampenhout in Systemic Ritual in Mexico, Vienna and Paris and in core shamanism with Chetna Lawless. Aleksandra offers private and group constellations, rituals, ceremonies and shamanic healing. Before building her systemic practice Aleksandra’s background and training was in law, development and the charity sector. Website – ‘

Caroline Cole

Caroline has 30 years’ experience delivering therapeutic groups and workshops supporting personal growth and freedom.  She is known as a safe pair of hands, able to be present no matter what happens in the room, and she has a lightness of touch that encourages participants to trust and reach beyond their comfort zone to acquire deeper self-knowledge, release the pain of wounds and take ownership of their personal freedom.

Caroline is also a trained educator holding a Diploma in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.  She has been teaching university students since 1994 and relishes the opportunity to bring her therapeutic work and learning and teaching work together to deliver this training.

Denise Portes

Denise Portes is a Professional Integral Coach and Family Constellations facilitator with a passion to help women find their own voice. She combines her skills to create a safe non-judgemental environment where her clients can explore their issues. She brings qualities of deep listening and intuition to her work, which allows her to attune to her client’s needs and support them in reaching their goals. Her work focuses on designing and implementing individually tailored programs that promote sustainable change towards a more satisfying life. She takes pride in being able to help her clients create meaning in their lives. Her understanding of the systemic lens informs her of the hidden dynamics that may be blocking and holding the clients back.

Diane Bundy

Diane is a systemic practitioner , having trained with CSISS in 2006/2007 with Judith Hemming , Jutta ten Herkel and Richard Wallstein .

Diane’s adult life has been deeply supported and inspired by systemic work .

Her background is in holistic therapy and she has run her own business in the events sector for 15 years  .

She lives on a farm just outside Dover , Kent where she lives with her husband and son and welcomes online sessions via zoom .

John Harris

John has worked as a psychotherapist, facilitator, supervisor and trainer for over 25 years in both New Zealand and the UK. He first encountered Hellinger’s work in 2002 and shortly after trained with Judith Hemming, Richard Walstein and Jutta ten Herkel in London with CSISS (the predecessor of CSC). John has facilitated Family Constellations workshops at a variety of locations including California’s Esalen institute, Greece’s Skyros and Spain’s Cortijo Romero and has written articles about  systemic approaches for ‘Therapy Today’ and other publications. He currently practices in London and East Sussex.

Johanna Bishop (BACP)

Johanna is an accredited counsellor, active member of the Surrey Counselling & Psychotherapy initiative (SCPI) and specialist mentor, concentrating in education. With a background in yoga teaching, mindfulness and holistic therapy, her main interest is in the nature of illness, health and self healing. She became involved in constellations in 2010 and runs constellation workshops in Hampshire & Surrey where she lives with her family including 3 dogs, 8 ducks & a cat.

Judith O Hagan

Judith O’Hagan is a UKCP accredited transpersonal psychotherapist and supervisor, qualified in 1998. She works in Wells, Somerset, and also welcomes clients on zoom from all over the world. She has a lifelong professional interest in health issues, and has particular experience of working with cancer and migraines.  She is known for her capacity to help people understand the underlying meaning and message of their symptoms. Judith loves the interface between psychotherapy and constellations, and  incorporates 1:1 constellations in her therapy practice.

Maria Pattinson

Maria is a theatre director, coach, writer and facilitator. She works in mainstream theatre and applied contexts , especially  international development ,where she supports learning about leadership, creativity and wellbeing. She has an MA in Ethical Leadership and works with individuals and organisations to find and communicate their ‘true north’.

Maria came across Constellations at a coaching conference when she experienced a taster session led by Edward Rowlands of The Whole Partnership. She knew this was exactly what she had been looking for as the way to continue her own personal journey of growth and development. Maria trained with Gaye Donaldson and Chris Williams at the CSC and with Edward Rowlands, Tessa Cope and Sarah Rozenthuler at The Whole Partnership. Maria is truly delighted to be part of this community.

Maureen Thompson

Maureen has been practicing as a hypnotherapist since 2004 in Blyth (Northumberland) and in 2011 became an accredited psychotherapist with the UK Council for Psychotherapy UKCP). Maureen has a background of almost 29 years in Adult Social Care contracting and commissioning, for people who require support due to illness, frailty or due to mental health issues and she is passionate about the systemic approach, because it can be applied in so many contexts.

Family is very important to Maureen, who lives with her husband, and she is very close to her children and grandchildren. Maureen is excited about raising the profile of systemic work in the North East of England, where it doesn’t seem to be as well known as other therapeutic approaches.



Mark Reeves, Dip, MA

Mark is a transpersonal psychotherapist and counsellor. His main interest is in facilitating personal development groups and he has been running courses in self-awareness, mindfulness & emotional intelligence for over 20 years.

He runs a private counselling and coaching practise in Brighton as well as working with people over Skype. He has recently completed the foundation training and the advanced applied training in Family & Systemic Constellations with CSC and this ‘systemic perspective’ has now become a central part of the way he works, incorporating it into most of what he does as well as specifically running workshops in Family Constellations over last couple of years.

Over the past few years he has been studying Somatic based Esoteric Healing principles which are about opening more deeply to our essence at a soul level and he has found that this approach naturally permeates into his therapeutic work.

His constellations workshops are currently based in Brighton, Lewes and other parts of Sussex.

Minal Shah

Minal has almost 20 years of experience as a therapist, and strongly believes that children and adults alike thrive when they feel safe, valued and understood.  Introduced to constellation work in 2016, Minal has widened her approach in working with parenting and school systems in supporting the children she works with in Kenya.

Mirjana Smolic, MA

Mirjana is an Associate Teacher at CSC and has a background in arts and conflict resolution work. She runs workshops and training courses in family constellations, storytelling and conflict resolution methods in Netherlands and abroad. Mirjana trained in Africa and Europe, was born in the Balkans and is based in Amsterdam.

Rafe Nauen

Rafe has had a varied career path encompassing many types of work. For the last 10 years he has focussed on Constellation Therapy, and runs regular workshops, online and face to face.

Trained in 2006 with what was then CSISS, Rafe combines the work with his training as a master coach NLP and EFT and Matrix practitioner to specialise is deep trauma work and especially ancestral healing.

Rafe is married to Julie Bowman and between them, they have eight children and soon to have their fifteenth grandchild. Their household is busy with healing work. Julie’s essence work engaging with many of Rafe’s clients with the Constellation Mix.

Rafe started his constellation journey by needing to know what he was responsible for and what he was not responsible for. Richard Wallstein facilitated the first workshop in 2004 and Rafe was hooked. A new career path opened up and has so far been immensely rewarding.


Richard Bundy

Richard is a Systemic Practitioner, Trauma and Crisis Management Counsellor and Professional Musician.

Richard began facilitating as a Systemic Practitioner in 2006. He was mentored by Judith Hemming and Mark Wolynn one of America’s leaders in inherited family trauma.

Richard works as an Executive Coach with He facilitates workshops nationally. In addition to working with individuals, families and organisations, he has worked with the Police, National Lottery and Arts Council funded projects, Dover Arts Development. He explores underlying issues in parent/child relationships and trans-generational social issues.  

Richard will be talking at TEDx 2021; overviewing the insights of Systemic practice in 2021.

Sandeep Ganatra

Sandeep has been working as a psychotherapist in north west London since 1999.  His sense of ‘himself’ is that he has arrived at a place where he is doing what is truly his to do. He feels humbled by the manner in which the curative forces of nature manifest in people’s lives – soothing deep melancholy, calming long standing upset and hurt or simply bringing people back to themselves in an organic and authentic manner. He is left marvelling at the richness of the journeys he is entrusted to witness.  

Sandeep initially studied Social Psychology at undergraduate level and Information Technology as a postgraduate, both at the University of Kent at Canterbury in the 1980’s. He then embarked on a corporate career. In 1996 he started a four year Psychotherapy training at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education ( in London. He has run a private practice ever since. In 2012 he came across Family Constellations and trained at the Centre for Systemic Constellations ( Sandeep believes this work beautifully complements his approach and widens the lens through which to observe a person’s emotional landscape.

In addition to English, he also speak Gujarati and German.

Sophia Prevezanou

Sophia is an experienced psychosynthesis psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice. She is also a trainer at the Psychosynthesis Trust and the Minster Centre. Originally from Greece, she was first introduced to family constellations in 2002 and in the last few years she reconnected with systemic work, which she now feels passionate about. Sophia finds that the systemic approach with its commitment to truth and inclusivity, enriches our lives and keeps us in touch with the depths of our souls.

Tania Tuft

Tania is a Gestalt and Psychodynamic-trained therapist working in private practice in London.  She worked previously in education, law and finance before training as a therapist.  Tania incorporates constellations in sessions with individuals and couples, with presenting issues that show up in repeating patterns and unaware choices, as well as family and organisational systems.  Gestalt Therapy draws on field theory, the theory of Pragnanz and phenomenology to open up awareness.  Many Gestalt practitioners carry their work into Systemic Constellations as a development into vectors, forces and constraints operating within any given system.  Tania sees constellation work as a bridge between psychotherapy and soul-connection awareness, a creative field that she finds enlightening and wonderous.


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