How can you know, as we interact today
What I can handle? What I need?
I’m right here – here with you
Aware of myself, what’s happening inside.

If you feel moved, to react in a certain way
Stop first, to ask yourself, what it is you need
Are you feeling uneasy? Afraid of my pain?
Who is it you want to comfort? Yourself or me?
. . . .
What I need
Is for you to just be
With me if you can
Without doing a thing
. . . .
Let me feel what’s inside
Give me space to cry and grieve
Waves of sadness wash over me
It feels overwhelming, even to me

Spent by the forces of emotion within
The seas begin to calm
Smaller sets swell, then too subside

Quiet inside
Feeling at peace
. . . .
I know who I am
I know what I need
Be with what is
Allow what is to be
. . . .
Don’t try to distract, fix or heal me
When you do those things I don’t feel seen
If you want me to feel loved, if you really care for me
Please ask me what I need

Don’t decide for me

Carla de Cervantes

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