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Welcome to our articles, here are some of our more in depth posts where we look deeper at areas related to systemic constellations from around the world. If you would like to be kept up to date, subscribe to our newsletter and become part of our community.

The Body & Constellations with Judith O’Hagan

Constellations, Psychotherapy and the Body Working with, and understanding the body has been my main preoccupation throughout my career. During my working life, I have specialised in working with people who have cancer, migraines, persistent headaches,...

5 Element Work & Constellations with Emerson Bastos

It was in 2010, when I was preparing my lesson plan to revise the theory of the 5 elements from Chinese Medicine with a group of 2nd year shiatsu students and considering different teaching methods, that the idea of using constellation approach crossed my mind. At...

Parenting & Constellations with Sara Poss and Betsy Gibson

What is unique about the Rooted Parenting course is that parents are part of a community where they feel safe to be open and supportive of each other at a deep level. The programme is designed in a way that parents do not just get tips and techniques but actually look...

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