Ancestral Connections:  Embodying Life

In partnership with African Constellations, we are delighted to offer their exciting Ancestral Connections 2-day workshop. In this workshop you will deepen your knowledge of the ancestral field, and experience how to use the body as a resource for navigating the wisdom of your ancestors contained in our collective consciousness and at a cellular level. Using Movement, Embodiment, Music and Constellations, Ancestral Connections will also assist you to navigate healthy relationships, boundaries and regulate the nervous system.  Based in collective experience and community-based process, you have real-time opportunity to work through your relational patterning and be celebrated by your peers in what is both a deeply moving and joyful experience.

Ancestral Connections provides us with a map to access the strengths and gifts of our ancestors – their resilience, their wisdom – and gives us the tools

to release ourselves from playing out the same patterns of behaviour though deeper embodiment to navigate life’s challenges.  With over 40 years combined experienced, Tanja and Sian have been developing this work and presenting it internationally for 8 years.

Who is it for?

 The workshop is open to anyone with an interest in exploring the issues outlined above. Some experience of attending a constellation workshop or having one to one constellation experience is helpful.

For their 2 hour introductory online session on May 16th please book here

What will your learn/develop?

Although this workshop does not qualify you to practice Ancestral Connections (see the full training at, it does equip you with important skills to use in your systemic work and facilitation practice.  

What you will experience and receive in this workshop:

  • Experience a deep healing container and clear embodied navigation within the ancestral field
  • Come into right and supportive relationship with your own ancestral field 
  • Witness preparation and care of the space, facilitator and clients for working with ancestral fields
  • Movement and embodiment techniques for bringing your nervous system into alignment
  • Feel nourished with creative ideas and fresh possibilities for your practice
  • The wisdom of incorporating lightness, play and humour 

We invite you to say “yes” to this opportunity if you feel called or curious to participate and come explore your questions with us. Embodying Life is open to all as a personal development immersion and also forms part of the portfolio for those interested in the Ancestral Connections Facilitator Training.

Workshop Dates

This is a 2-day workshop on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of June 2023. It will run from 9.30 am-5.30 pm every day.


There is no deposit required for this workshop, you will need to pay the full fee to secure your place.  The price is £350.

Please note: CSC is a Not for Profit organisation and does not, therefore, charge VAT.

How to book your place

To book a place please click here                         

You will receive an email confirming your place. If this does not arrive, please contact the office at [email protected], as your booking may not have gone through.



The Facilitators

Tanja Meyburgh

Tanja Meyburgh, counselling psychologist, is a renowned Family and Systems Constellations trainer and supervisor and founder of African Constellations with 20 years of experience specialising in this field. She has assisted organisations in South Africa involved with addiction, adoption, trauma, political violence, community development and diversity. More recently Tanja has co-founded Ancestral Connections integrating dance and constellations, and the REAL Academy, an online resource for Embodied and Ancestral Learning. Tanja has also presented at the international intensives in Germany, South Africa and Australasia, and accepted invitations to teach at conferences and workshops in Germany, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Portugal, Australia and the USA.

Tanja’s MA (Psych) in Narrative Therapy has had a big impact on how she views power relations and work with marginalised voices and communities. She also has training and experience in wilderness therapy, art therapy, expressive movement and Southern African lineage wisdom. Tanja lives in Cape Town with her two children.

Sian Palmer

Sian Palmer is the Co-Founder of Ancestral Connections and the Founder of Expressive Movement South Africa. Sian has practiced in the field of embodied psychotherapy as a registered Drama and Movement Therapist (MA University of London) since 2009. In 2015, Sian trained in Family Constellations through African Constellations. Sian’s extensive experience includes working with young people and adults in individual and group therapy settings, workshops and training spaces in South Africa, Europe and the UK. With her area of expertise firmly established in embodied practice, Sian is passionate about a holistic approach to healing and growth; recognising the importance of connecting with our roots and ancestral lineages, being in community, connecting with nature as a resource, and tapping into our innate creativity.


Venue and Directions

Stations: Vauxhall, Stockwell & Oval. Buses: 2, 88 & 155

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