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Welcome to the Centre community page. With you, we are a community of belonging, for all of us who are passionate about the practice and application of systemic constellations in the wider community. We hope you find the information below interesting and useful.

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If you are looking for a constellation practitioner, please note that constellation work, is at present, unregulated. Although the Centre does not formally endorse non-faculty practitioners, those with a blue marker on the map all meet the criteria linked here.

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National & international courses, conferences and events


16th International Intensive Workshop on Systemic Resolutions

When: Sun April 30 - Sun May 7
Where: Kloster Bernried, Southern Germany

3rd International Intensive in Systemic Constellations

When: Sat May 27 - Sat June 3
Where: Acapulco, Mexico

Masterclass with Guni Baxa

When: Fri June 2 - Sun June 4
Where: Stockholm, Sweden

Through the Eyes of the Soul: A Workshop with Sneh Victoria Schnabel

When: Fri June 2 - Mon June 5
Where: Freiburg, Germany

The 10th Annual North American Constellations Intensive

When: Wed July 19 - Sun July 23
Where: West Hartford, Connecticut, USA

2017 North American Systemic Constellations Conference

When: Thu October 5 - Sun October 8
Where: Virginia Beach, VA, USA

4th Australasian Constellation Intensive

When: Mon February 26 2018 - Sun March 4
Where: Sydney, Australia

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Melissa Hillery

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Reina Lister, Sarah Graham, Annetta Apol & Jonah Brody

for supporting the 2014 and 2015 foundation courses as learning coordinators, and also supporting the 2014/2015 applied training

Julia Kalache


Original artworks by Julia Kalache painted on location in response to a constellation therapy workshop (lead by Judith Hemming.) Julia is a visual artist who explores moving figures and the relationships between them. She has worked with dancers for many years capturing their movements in drawn line, water colour and fabric. More details about her work can be found on

Piers Elliott

Website & Graphic Designer

Website design and rebranding by Piers Elliott. Having worked in the webdesign and branding area for over a decade, Piers was brought on board to bring a fresh look to the Centre, and develop a rich platform through which people from all around the world can interact with systemic constellation work. More details about the breadth of his projects and services can be found on