Welcome to the first ‘Centre Community News’. The intention of this seasonal newsletter is to provide space in which to share news and information about our community and the wider field. If you have something you would like to tell us about then do get in touch – but please note that we wont be using this space to promote workshops or individuals as practitioners. Instead, we have created a living map, in which you are invited, as a member of the community, to make your mark.

There are two possibilities – you can simply register your place in the community, or if you are working with systemic constellations and meet our requirements (please download the criteria), then we would be delighted if you would like to promote your practice. We do not list individual workshops as this would create unsustainable on-going administration, but we are happy to list you as a constellator. There is a small admin fee for this that covers the time required to process your application.

COPE Open Day – 27 November, All Saints Community Centre, Bath

COPE (The Community of Practice and Experimentation) brings together people who take a systemic approach to organisations, and use constellations in their organisational work.  We meet six times a year and have up to a dozen regular members. We would like to open the group to new members and are having an Open Day on 27 November, so that anyone interested in joining can meet us and experience the way we work.  We’d expect people to have some organisational training and experience. There would be a charge of £10 to go towards venue costs.

It’s a friendly group and we very much look forward to hearing from you if this is of interest.  Our website is www.copeconstellations.co.uk – or contact:

Simon Loveday, simon@k2leadership.co.uk, 07443 003002

Jane James, jane.james@nowhere-ecl.org

Helen Harrison, helen@monkswoodassociates.org.uk


John Harris of www.livingmaps.co.uk has secured funding for up to 8 people to attend a series of one day Family Constellations workshops over the course of a year. The fund will pay 65% toward the cost of this and in some cases a further 15% is available..

The Regan Von Schweitzer Education Funds makes grants available for individuals to undertake personal development in a group setting. Successful applicants will be on low incomes, students, employed part-time or able to demonstrate financial need. The workshops will be held in the East Sussex and London areas over the next 12 months.

To receive a funding application form and/or more information please contact John via info@livingmaps.co.uk or on 07743550252.

John has also been busy writing articles on SCW. Here is one that appeared recently in Well Being Magazine and Therapy Today.



Family Constellations-Unravelling the Mystery of Your Ancestral Timeline. By Rafe Nauen. Reviewed by Andrea Spencer.

Rafe Nauen’s Family Constellations – Unravelling the Mystery of Your Ancestral Timeline is a concise explanation of constellation work. It dispels any mysteries that surround constellation work, and uses simple, jargon-free language to introduce the work to new-comers as well as those who have some understanding and wish to learn more about the work.

Personally I found the simple layout of the chapters easy to follow as they are self-explanatory and well titled. This makes the book clear and informative. The personal stories that are included in the book, illustrate the methodology and encourage empathy and understanding.

I look forward to reading more about constellation work and how it can be used outside family relationships in work situations.